Frequently Asked Questions

  • Welcome on the boat at your arrival:

On board and at any time of the day or night, a member of the supervising team (instructor or manager) will be waiting to welcome you and show you to your cabin.

  • Schedule for the first day:

On Sunday, departure day, the boat leaves the quay around 7:30. After breakfast, you will attend the arrival briefing in which you will be presented the team and explained the course of the week, all the rules of life And safety, the course and diving sites … The first dive will be a diving retreat, on a shallow coral garden, in order to safely carry out all adjustments of equipment and ballast.

Lunch and then 2nd dive around 3 pm. (2 dives on the 1st day).

  • Schedule of a typical day:

The instructors will come to your door between 5:30 and 6:30 (depending on season). RDV at the sundeck bar for a coffee / tea and cupcake. Briefing dive in the next half hour and preparation to dive. Diving and breakfast. Rest, nap …

2nd dive around 10 am and lunch. Coffee, nap, idleness …

3rd dive around 3 pm. Aperitif together on the sundeck around 6 pm and dinner around 7:30 pm.

At each dive trip, the crew will serve you a fresh fruit juice accompanied by a delicacy.

All meals are held in the restaurant of NAUTILE EVO with the exception of 2 evening meals which will be served on the terrace of the last bridge.

All briefings and meals are punctuated by the bell to bring together all the divers.

  • Hygiene and Safety on board :

All foods are cleaned with mineral water. All cooking waters are mineral. The kitchen of the NAUTILE EVO is equipped with professional refrigerators and freezers which are followed and revised very regularly. In case of problem on one, a 2nd is available.

We pay particular attention to respecting the cold chain.

The NAUTILE EVO is equipped with fire detectors, fire extinguishers, lifeboats, an emergency exit located at the front of the lower deck (cabin 5) which leads to the bow of the boat. In each cabin are lifejackets and fire extinguishers. Evacuation plans are also in each cabin.

In the event of an alarm (ringing non-stop), RDV on the sundeck with the monitors who will give the safety instructions).

Smoking is prohibited inside and on the equipment platform.

Safety in diving: several pharmacies are on board, an automatic defibrillator, oxygen and masks (BAVU). A block to the pendulum in case of air loss.

The 2 speedboats are equipped with mini pharmacies, Nitrox pendulum block and a pure O2 block.

Diving in the Red Sea is limited to 40 m in recreational diving. (Air or nitrox). It is possible to extend this depth according to the prerogatives and equipment of the divers.

  • Equipment available on board:

The NAUTILE EVO is equipped with a multimedia lounge. Possibility to watch movies (large collection of movies in French), library of books, guides on fish and Red Sea sites.

At the COSI Bar, you can connect a phone or a tablet to listen to music.

On the last bridge, sound equipment (DJ decks and lighting) to celebrate.

  • How is the end of the cruise ?

On Friday, the first dive will take place as the other days and the 2nd at 11 am. After lunch, the boat will return quietly to the marina for a return around 4 pm. You will rinse your equipment. Extras receipts (shop, drinks, trainings etc …) will be made during the return crossing.

The aperitif and the evening meal are spent on board and the last night also. (Except in absolute necessity, a hotel night can be arranged and at our charge).

On Saturday morning, breakfast on board at 8 am. You will leave your cabins after breakfast and store your luggage in the restaurant so that the crew can clean the cabins.

You will have an appointment on board for your departure by minibus towards the airport.

  • Possible expenses on board:

See our general conditions of sale in which are explained what is included in the price or not.

  • Payment methods :

You can pay on board by Credit Card (except American Express), cash €, EGP, CHF, $.