This tour will make you discover the legends on the road of the wrecks with the Carnatic, the Giannis D, the Ulysses and the two historical wrecks of the 2nd GM: the Rosalie Moller and the Thistlegorm.

But it will also be the vertigo of the marvelous falls of the northern part of the Red Sea: Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef in the Ras Mohamed reserve where certain predators such as tunas, barracudas, caranges or other families such as nasons, The platax come to reproduce from May to August on these dizzy falls.

The Nautile Evo will take you on the reefs of the Strait of Tiran on the reefs of Gordon, Woodhouse, Jackson and Thomas Reef to encounter a certain endemic fauna in this place but also, strange shapes, an exceptional variety of colors… Site changes can be made based on timing, weather and desires.

Departure Sunday morning towards Gota Abu Ramada. This site deserves its nickname of “the Aquarium”. This coralligenous garden is the playground of fish schools of impressive density: red mullets and yellow-tailed barracudas form real caravans. Gaterins, butterflies and coach fish come together against porous coral domes, for family photo. After the meal, head towards the island of Gubal or you will dive from the Nautile Evo on a plateau where several dozens of different species live, you may also play with the dolphins!

The second day will take us to the Thistlegorm, considered one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world. It is a real treasure where motorcycles, trucks, tanks, wagons and countless shells, rifles and ammunition will plunge you back in 1941, the date of the sinking of this boat of 137 meters. At the stern, a bench of barracudas monitors the place, yellow, blue trevallies like vigils pacing the bridges of the monument. Your return to the surface will be escorted by the elegance of the platax always as curious. We will do 2 dives, allowing us to visit the holds. At the end of the day, drive to the Ras Mohamed reserve on the beautiful site of Erg Anthias for a night dive.

It is around 6 o’clock in the morning that you will dive your fins a first time on the fall of the Red Sea. Located at the end of the Sinai Peninsula, Shark Reef / Yolanda Reef is a vertical wall slipping to almost 800 m depth. This dive is able to unveil the most beautiful side of the Red Sea.
The second dive will take place on the fall / plateau of Jack Fish Alley, in the reserve of Ras Mohamed. Turtle, napoleon, platax … Small cave for lovers in 10 m depth.
Navigation to the protected lagoon of Tiran where we will make our last dive of the day on the reef of Gordon, enchantment assured thanks to the radiating colors of this site.

3 dives on the magnificent reefs of Tiran:
Thomas Reef, a 25-meter-deep plateau, a true coral reef forest inhabited by all Red Sea reef species, and an endemic gregarious bank. A little further north of this plateau, the “faille”, corridor starting from 35 m depth to finish at … 93 m! A real natural fault or according to your prerogatives, you will explore different stages of this break. Incredible descent to the center of the earth !! Chills assured!
Jackson Reef, falling and plateau or git the wreck of the Lara at 71 m. For all recreational divers, this fall will delight you as its wildlife is lush. Possibility of passage of pelagics and especially hammerhead sharks during the summer.
Woodhouse Reef, the northernmost reef of Tiran, walks on a plateau between 15 and 20 m or you can also cross the very deep cave entrances. Multicolored garden with the rays of sunshine that explode in colors!

We will make a second dive on the fabulous fall of Ras Mohamed which we do not get tired of !
Then sail to the reef of Abu Nuhas, a real wreck trap:
The stunning Giannis D will open its holds and its secrets, placed at 50 ° on the blank. The water is often very clear, the atmosphere fabulous!
And the Carnatic, cargo steamer of the 19th century carrying precious woods and alcohol. It is said that this wreck also carried gold coins of which only a small part would have been found !!!

The 6th day will take us to the fall of Um Gamar. This site, long forsaken since it had been ravaged by the star Acantaster, devourer of coral. Today, this site resumes all its splendor of yesteryear with its hollow potatoes covered with coral on a plateau to a depth of 20 meters.
Last dive of the day and stay: Police Station, part of the Giftun National Park. Its gigantic gorgonians 3 to 4 m in diameter, with a breathtaking grace have made a dive impossible to circumvent. The encounters of turtles, napoleons, humped parrots are commonplace.

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