This cruise is specially designed for divers who want more!

A week goes by so quickly …

You will embark for 2 weeks of non-stop dives!

From the northern part and its mythical wrecks, its vertiginous walls, you will descend gradually towards the islands of the Brothers, Elphinstone, Daedalus, St John’s Reef and the Fury Shoals …

A complete route, types of diving for all tastes.

The departure and the return of the boat can be from/to Hurghada Marina or Port Ghalib in the south.

It is mandatory to be N2 or Advanced for this circuit.

The order and the choice of the sites can be modified according to our organization and the weather conditions.

Departure Sunday morning from the Marina of Hurghada towards the reef of Erg Somaya, to admire the beautiful reef with many colors and rich fauna. Schools of anthias, carangues, platax and more.

You will do the second dive on the reef of Abu Nuhas, a real wreck trap: The stunning Giannis D will open its holds and its secrets, placed at 50 ° on the bank. The water is often very clear, the atmosphere fabulous! Or the Carnatic, cargo steamer of the 19th century carrying precious woods and alcohol. It is said that this wreck also carried gold coins of which only a small part has been found !

The second day will take you to the wrecks of the 2nd GM. First one, the Rosalie Moller, on a depth of 35m, this military boat is long of 100m. It had a cargo of coal. Beautiful wreck.

Then, you will go to the Thistlegorm, considered one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world. It is a real treasure where motorcycles, trucks, tanks, wagons and countless shells, rifles and ammunition will plunge you back in 1941, the date of the sinking of this boat of 137 meters. You will do 2 dives, allowing us to visit the holds.

It is around 6 o’clock in the morning that you will dive your fins a first time on the fall of the Red Sea. Located at the end of the Sinai Peninsula, Shark Reef / Yolanda Reef is a vertical wall slipping to almost 800 m depth. This dive can unveil the most beautiful side of the Red Sea. Navigation to the protected lagoon of Tiran where you will do 2 dives: the reef of Jackson Reef falling and plateau where there is the wreck of the Lara at 71 m. For all recreational divers, this fall will delight you as its wildlife is lush. Possibility of passage of pelagics and especially hammerhead sharks during the summer. And the reef of Gordon, enchantment assured thanks to the radiating colors of this site.

After the night on Tiran Island, you will make your first dive of the day on Thomas Reef, a 25-meter-deep plateau, a true coral reef forest inhabited by all Red Sea reef species, and an endemic gregarious bank. A little further north of this plateau, the “faille”, corridor starting from 35 m depth to finish at … 93 m! A real natural fault or according to your prerogatives, you will explore different stages of this break. Incredible descent to the center of the earth!! Chills assured! Last site if Tiran, Woodhouse Reef, the northernmost reef of Tiran, walks on a plateau between 15 and 20 m or you can also cross the very deep cave entrances. Multicolored garden with the rays of sunshine that explode in colors!

In the afternoon, you will go through Ras Mohammed for a second dive on this fall.

On the fifth day, you will stay on Gubal Island for your 3 dives.

Gubal is an Island protected from the wind, close to Hurghada and perfect for some encounters with the dolphins. You will go on the wreck of Ulysses at the east, or on the site of Bluff Point for a drifting dive. Night dive under the boat Nautile Evo for some surprises ! Look at the hunt of the carangues, its amazing !

The sixth day will take you to the site Police Station at the island of Small Giftun or on the sites of Safaga : Panorama Reef and Middle Reef.

After a night of navigation, you will be arrived on the legendary islands of the Brothers for a full day of diving. You will visit the sites of Numidia and Aida, walk at the end of the day on the south plateau of Big Brothers to observe the arrival of grey sharks. You will also meet the fox shark ballet (very present on these 2 islands) as well as some hammerhead sharks or oceanic sharks (silky sharks or longimanus sharks). The walls of the Brothers islands will enchant you with their lush wildlife (alcyonary and gorgonian).

We will descend to Daedalus to spend 1 or 2 days there, (north point to admire the hammerhead sharks, possibility of manta rays on the walls of the falling while the east face is lined with all the riches of the Red Sea fauna).

The ninth day, you will be at Elphinstone. The South and North plateaus are magnificent between 15 and 40 m, very colorful and their topographies make dives very special:

Indeed, on the southern tip is the famous “Arche” of Elphinstone between 45 and 60 m. You will be able to explore it equipped with a travel block and an O2 deco. (Certification Nitrox Confirmed: it is possible to carry out the training during the week).

The north point with its break at 42 m. If you continue this reef tongue up to 55 m, you will certainly meet its inhabitants: hammerhead sharks and grey sharks! Attention however to currents that can be very strong and surprising on Elphinstone.

After a night sailing, you arrive on the far reefs of St John’s, the southernmost part of the Egyptian Red Sea where we rediscover the famous Habili, reefs peculiar to this region, which do not touch the surface. Richly multicolored dives because they are not frequented because of their remoteness. Frequent pelagic encounters: grey sharks, black tips or even longimanus …

2 days of diving at St John’s Reef.

2 beautiful days to dive on the “Furry Shoals” which are reefs like Gruyere, with small caves, exceptional lighting effects and all that, in shallow depths. Here you can come across the small reef shark just returning from a cavity, or simply laying on the sand, as if it would make a siesta!

The sites: Sha’ab Maksour, Sha’ab Claudio, Gota Malahi, Gota Sataya. These dives can be replaced by other sites nearby according to your desires and the desires of our instructors who know very well all these sites and will advise you wonderfully! Ability: Angel, Abu Galawa Kebir.

Return to the region of Marsa Alam with the fall of Sha’ab Sharm and the coral garden of Gota Marsa Alam to finish well this 15 days journey.

Or sites around Hurghada if the return marina is to Hurghada.

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