Why Anthias ?

Having being for 20 years in Egypt, we created Anthias Plongee 17 years ago with 2 huge words in our mind: DIFFERENCE and QUALITY. Therefore, and even with many development opportunities, we continue to maintain a very high level of quality. To offer you the best service you could desire, we decided to have one boat only.

During these 17 years, the aims have been: SECURITY, COMFORT, HAPPINESS.

Each year, new ideas and designs on the boat offer you all the best you could desire and could find on the Red Sea.
The instructors are French, English, German and Arabic speaking. They provide you experiences, teach you with passion and have professional experience in Tek.
Anthias Plongee is a nice team of about 20 people (on land and on the boat).
Be sure, they do their best for you with passion, respect of the nature, professionalism, smiles and kindness.

Nautile EVO

Our cruises

The Anthias cruise created by 2 French divers, Isabelle and Serge