This cruise, also called “the Golden Triangle”, brings together 3 highlights of scuba diving in the Red Sea where meetings with sea lords are possible and frequent.

Cruise reserved for confirmed levels 2. Possibility of strong currents.

Starting from Hurghada, we will do our first 2 dives on Gota Abu Ramada, the aquarium for a palm of the most pleasant. At the end of the dive, we will practice immersion in negative rearward tilting on the fall of Police Station to admire its extraordinary gorgonians.

We will then spend 2 days on Big and Small Brothers (Aida and Numidia wrecks, north / east plateau for encounters with greys of the reef, hammers, foxes or longimanus or silky sharks).

We will descend to Daedalus for a day (north point to admire the hammerhead sharks, possibility of manta rays on the walls of the falling while the east face is lined with all the riches of the Red Sea fauna).

It is the turn of Elphinstone (North plateau for hammerhead sharks and the greys and plateau south for “longimanus” encounters) to dazzle us.

The last day is in the area of ​​Safaga on the fall of Panorama Reef.

  • Sharks
  • Reefs
  • Wrecks
  • Strong currents