This cruise, also called “the Golden Triangle”, brings together 3 highlights of scuba diving in the Red Sea where meetings with sea lords are possible and frequent.

The departure of the cruise can be from Hurghada marina or from Port Ghalib in the south.

It is mandatory to be N2 or an experienced ADV with the DEEP DIVER speciality for this tour, because of some dives with strong currents.

The order and the choice of the sites can be modified according to the governmental restrictions and the weather conditions.

First day, two possibilities:
1/ Departure from Hurghada, you will do your first dive on Gota Abu Ramada, the wondrous aquarium. For the second dive, you will be on the site of Panarama Reef, the mythical site of Safaga, where we will have the opportunity to explore the northern and southern slopes!

2/ Departure from Port Ghalib towards the reefs of Abu Dabab 3. Magnificent coral gardens on at depth between 0 to 15m, great for the first dive of the week. Second dive on Marsa Shoona, an ideal site to encounter giant green turtles!

After a night of navigation, you will be arrived on the legendary islands of the Brothers for a full day of diving. You will visit the sites of Numidia and Aida, walk at the end of the day on the south plateau of Big Brothers to observe the arrival of grey sharks. You will also meet the fox shark ballet (very present on these 2 islands) as well as some hammerhead sharks or oceanic sharks (silky sharks or longimanus sharks). The walls of the Brothers islands will enchant you with their lush wildlife (alcyonary and gorgonian).

You will descend to Daedalus to spend 1 or 2 days there, (north point to admire the hammerhead sharks, possibility of manta rays on the walls of the falling while the east face is lined with all the riches of the Red Sea fauna).

Diving on Elphinstone. The South and North plateaus are magnificent between 15 and 40 m, very colorful and their topographies make dives very special:

Indeed, on the southern tip is the famous “Arche” of Elphinstone between 45 and 60 m.

The north point with its break at 42 m. If you continue this reef tongue up to 55 m, you will certainly meet its inhabitants: hammerhead sharks and grey sharks! Attention however to currents that can be very strong and surprising on Elphinstone.

Depends on the marina of departure, you could go on the site of Safaga if you started from Port Ghalib, or you can go on the site of Marsa Shoona if you started from Marina Hurghada.

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