Nitrox confirmé

Advanced Nitrox

This qualification makes it possible to use all the mixes of air enriched in oxygen, up to pure O2 for decompression. More Oxygen, says less Nitrogen! It is therefore also a way to prevent diving accidents and people with POF (Permeability Ovale Foramen) will therefore be less exposed to this risk!  The advanced Nitrox course will also open the infinite doors of the Tek dive world.

You will be trained in using an additional nitrox tank to secure and reduce the duration of your decompression stops. You will learn to analyze a Nitrox gas, use specific equipment, plan and organize the dive, use a computer and equipe yourself with an extra tank.

Specific hardware included.

The FFESSM certification (30 €) and the FFESSM license (48 €) are not included in the course fees.


200 €

Theory : 2h                                                                                          Practice : 4/5 dives.

Prerequisites  : minimum 16 years old. Be holder of Level 2 and NITROX qualification (or equivalent). Be able to attest to 10 dives beyond 30m and 6 dives using NITROX.