CCR Formation

Rebreather (Evolution +) Diluent Air

During this training, you will learn how to dive in a closed circuit rebreather, plan your dives and manage your decompression. In addition, you will learn to solve any technical problems related to the machine.

750 €

Prerogatives :

Scuba diving in the area of ​​-45 m.

Duration :

The training takes 8 to 10 dives.

Theoretical course in the form of a ppt presentation, in open discussion with the instructor: approx. 2 to 3 h.

Written examination at the end of the course.

Special Equipment Required:
Rebreather (included in training price)
Regulator Bail out (included in training price)
Safety buoyancy and reel (or single safety buoyancy : tip and lead)

Prerequisites :

– Minimum age: 18 years old

– Advanced Nitrox (or equivalent). Advanced nitrox training can be done in parallel with the CCR training.