PE40 Accompanied Diver at 40 m

This qualification will allow you to acquire the necessary skills to evolve, supervised by a monitor, up to 40m in exploration dives.

You will know how to equipe yourself and evolve in the zone up to 40m! You will be taught not only to assist a teammate while awaiting the intervention of a monitor, but also, to prevent diving incidents for yourself. You will learn how to use a Surface Marker Buoy and master your ascent. You will be able to apply the instructions given by the dive director.

The FFESSM certification (30 €) and the FFESSM license (48 €) are not included in the course fees.

150 €

Prerequisites : Minimum 16 years old. Have an N1 certification (or equivalent) and justify 4 to 10 exploration dives.

Theory : 2h                                                                                          Practice : 4  dives.