Pack Sidemount + Wreck’s speciality

Equipped with a specific harness with buoyancy system you will learn to evolve under water with one or two blocks independent of each other. You will discover the comfort, the hydrodynamism, the safety and the ease of implementation of this style of diving.

You will learn the technique of frog swim with your fins, to pass from one regulator to the other, to carry out exercises of fluidity and buoyancy during a stroll underwater to the discovery of the fauna and the flora.

This qualification makes it possible to evolve with you buddy, and to bring you the knowledge and the ease necessary during the dives at night or inside a wreck, while preserving your level of prerogatives.

You will learn to use the communication signs specific to night diving, to use lighting, to integrate in a tower and to respect the special safety instructions.

* PADI certification is included in the price.
* SSI certification and the access to the theory on the app, are included in the price.

SSI : 355 € // PADI : 405 €

Prerequisites  : 15 years minimum. Holding an Open Water (or equivalent).

Theory : 3h                                                                      Practice : 5/6  dives.