Pack Sidemount + Advanced Nitrox

Equipped with a specific harness with buoyancy system you will learn to evolve under water with one or two blocks independent of each other. You will discover the comfort, the hydrodynamism, the safety and the ease of implementation of this style of diving.

You will learn the techniques of palmage, to pass from one regulator to the other, to carry out exercises of fluidity and buoyancy during a stroll underwater to the discovery of the fauna and the flora.

Advanced Nitrox allows the use of all oxygen-enriched mixtures up to pure O2 in decompression. More Oxygen, says less Nitrogen! It is therefore also a way to prevent diving accidents, and people with FOP (Foramen ovale permeable) will therefore be less exposed to this risk! The “confirmed Nitrox” will also open, the infinite doors of the Tek dive.

You will be trained in the use of an additional nitrox bottle to secure and reduce the duration of your bearings. You will learn to analyze a Nitrox gas, use specific equipment, plan and organize the dive, use a computer and equip yourself with an extra bottle.

Specific hardware included.

Certifications are included in this price list.

430 €

Prerequisites : 16 years old minimum. Be holder of Level 2 and NITROX qualification (or equivalent). Be able to attest 10 dives beyond 30m and 6 dives at NITROX.

Theory : 4h                                                                                          Practice : 6/7 dives.