Open water photo

Open Water Diver

This level will allow you to acquire the necessary skills to evolve with a guide up to 18 m (variable according to your age).

During these dives, accompanied by a permanent monitor at your side, you will learn how to use the basic diving equipment and dive computer and to master your breathing, as well as your displacements underwater. The theoretical knowledge will be used to better understand the principles of diving.

* PADI certification and the book of OPEN WATER DIVER will be given to you at the beginning of the course and are included in the price + all necessary equipment for diving.
* SSI certification and the access to the theory on the app are included in the price.


* To start the theory on the SSI application before the cruise :
1/ You can create a free account HERE
2/ Then choose as training center : SSI Training Center – 720206 Anthias Fleet
3/ Then send us an email and we will give you access to the online theory.
KEEP IN MIND = The registration for a course commits you to pay 45€ for access to online theory if you later cancel the course. If you do not cancel, these 45€ are included in the total price.

SSI : 295 € // PADI : 355 €

Prerequisites : Be at least 10 years old (for the Open Water Junior course)

Theory : 4h

Practice : 8/10 dives

Possible on those Tours : Vertiges and Legends Tiran or Safaga