Nitrox à bord


The qualification “nitrox” allows you to dive with mixtures enriched in O² up to 40%, while keeping your prerogatives level.

You will discuss and understand the advantages and disadvantages of Nitrox diving. You will learn how to use a Nitrox-controlled computer and precautions when using a Nitrox mixture.

The FFESSM certification (30 €) and the FFESSM license (45 €) are not included in the training fees.
The PADI certification and the book of deep diving, which will be given to you at the beginning of the training, cost 70 €.
The SSI certification and the creation of the Login on the App, cost 40 €.

Offered on board

Prerequisites : minimum 12 years old.

Theory : 1 or 2h                                                                          Practice : 2 to 4 dives