Advanced Water Diver

This level will allow you to acquire the necessary skills to evolve in autonomy up to 30m with a binomial.

The ADV course helps you develop your scuba diving techniques so you are more comfortable in the water. You perfect your techniques by performing 5 Adventure dives, which will introduce you to underwater orientation, deep diving, and 3 other adventure dives of your choice.

PADI certification and the book ‘Adventure in Diving’ will be given to you at the beginning of the course and are included in this price list.
SSI certification and the creation of the Login in on the App are included in this price list.

SSI : 180 € // PADI : 225 €

Prerequisites: Be 15 years old (12 years old for Junior Advanced Open Water Divers)

Theory : 5h

Practice : 5 themed dives